My Story

I started MSTRF in 2008. MSTRF is an abbreviation for "Mister.F", although this is to remain implicit and no need to be expressed. From the beginning I was heavily influenced by sacred geometry within the context of occult symbolism and so forth. The earlier works (Abaci / Liber /Mund Series) were generally a play off the Fibonacci sequence, more of a literal application and to express the sequence of numbers (1,3,5,8,13,21,55..etc) in form; pretty straight forward. The first prototype was of a Mund Series Wall Panel which represented the Fibonacci sequence by using wood tiles each cut to specific dimensions and positioned to mimic and express the sequence in form. I was later commissioned to design a bedroom set based on the original Mund Wall Panel design which I later called the Liber Series Bed set. This was the initial catalyst for wanting to extend my designs into furniture. 

Through 2009 and the earlier part of 2010 through much trial and error I began putting together a Collection of work which included the Abaci Series. I was picked up by Twentieth Modern ( a high-end furniture retail in LA in 2009 who were interested in carrying my Abaci Series. Fortunately this was a great learning experience in that I realized the niche high-end market wasn't something that would benefit me in the long run. There were too many other designers who based their value of worked on how they could sell their work to high-end clientele and that wasn't the direction I saw myself going. 

In early 2010 I started experimenting and coming up with ways to lower manufacturing costs. This is where I learned about laser cutting technology and immediately began playing with designs. The initial Collection was called Classic I and Classic II which was a play with simple geometry integrated with neo-classical elements such as decorative moulding and Queen Anne legs. This collection was represented in mono blacks and whites. I was able to create these pieces for significantly low manufacturing costs. 

By late 2010 I wanted to extend the collection and create something that would completely contrast the Classic I & II collection. Natural forms, rustic/distressed qualities were the base for the new AD Series of work. After the initial prototype I immediately realized that I was going in the right direction. I interpret the design as a form of controlled abstract expressionism. I made this collection available in December 2010. Customer response has been phenomenal. 

My main intention with MSTRF is to produce Authentic and Original designs. There's conscious effort in producing furniture and home decor which extends the limitations of mid-century modern designs which in my opinion have exhausted themselves and to a certain extend have become stale. One phrase the I came up with which exemplifies the MSTRF way is "We're not here to feed your nostalgia."  

I also believe that the value of design from an aesthetic standpoint should outweigh the retail point of the product. Affordability and accessibility are key. I think that IKEA has been successful in bridging that void between intelligent design and affordability. I believe that MSTRF can use IKEA as a model to bring a new wave of designs which compliment elements in the fashion, design and lifestyle movements of today.